Why Ojas ?

Why to see Ojas Ayurved


Dr. Kalpesh Wani is the founder & director of Ayushkamiya center for Ayurvedic healing .Dr. Kalpesh is practicing since 5 years in Pune & treated thousand of patients successfully.

During this period Dr Kalpesh came to know that there is sudden increase in occurrence of same diseases due to our life style,eg spine related problems, hormonal problems , infertility, children immune related problem, digestive problems etc.

He feels there is no permanent cure for the above mentioned diseases with modern medicines.Rather,in ayurveda there is  a solution to every problem.For that to happen one should have vision to see every disease in ayurveda prospective and make diagnosis also in ayurveda prospective.

Now a days much advanced techniques are available in modern medicines which help us to make diagnosis .So Dr. Kalpesh has developed some treatment program accordingly to every system of the body that each and every diseases can be treated successfully.

So,with the combination of modern techniques and Ayurveda concepts,Dr. Kalpesh has achieved so much success in Ayurveda treatments.

Our Approach to Patients

We at Ayushkamiya see every individual patients with specific and detailed approach in order to make perfect diagnosis of the disease.

This specific approach is divided in the following stages-

  1. Detailed History Taking-

In any case,history taking is the most important step in making the final diagnosis. Patient should tell each and every minor complaint which he faced. These data will be combined and used for making the diagnosis.

In our clinic we make ayurvedic  diagnosis of the diseases so that it makes great difference in treating patient with ayurvedic medicines and panchkarma therapies.

  1. Systematic Clinical Examination-

It is the second most important step for diagnosis.We at Ayuskamiya always do thorough clinical examination of every patient which greatly helps us to reach to diagnosis.

  1. Investigation-

After history taking and systematic clinical examination we are at half stage of the diagnosis.To support the diagnosis,we do some absolutely necessary investigation eg. Blood investigation,X-ray,MRI,CT scan etc.

  1. Treatment-

Dr. Kalpesh Wani with the help of his practice and research has developed some programs accordingly to each and every system of our body so that patient can be cured completely.

For example-

  • Complete Spinal Therapy for all spine & Joint related problems.
  • Complete Childcare Program for children diseases.
  • Complete Gynac program for gynac problems.
  • Complete Hormonal Program.
  • Immune related program
  • Digestive program.
  1. Patients Compliance-

In successful approach of above programs, accurate compliance of the patient is must because we can give medicines,diet plan to patients but ultimately he is the one who has to follow it properly to get maximum benefits.

  1. Follow up program-

Dr. Kalpesh believes in complete and permanent cure and not in temporary relief.

So he has developed unique programs called follow up programs for every individuals. Some disease are so chronic that they require long term follow ups.

We at Ayushkamiya advice every patient to follow this program according to disease so that it can be completely eradicated from the body.Here we believe in long term relation with the patients.Patients also feel like member of Ayushkamiya.